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PROJECTS: Public Schools


Newark Board of Education


Project Type: Public School
Project Location: Newark, NJ
Out of the ground new construction
Timeline: 18 months

Value: $800,000

This project included construction of two new schools: Speedway Elementary
& Northward School.The installation of new rooftop heat recovery units and water source heat pumps will provide optimal energy efficiency. In addition,
a BACnet based Andover system was installed to allow for scheduling, optimized warm up, outside air reset and overall optimization of HVAC
system controls through intelligent programming at Graphics.



Ocean Township Board of Education


Project Type: Public Schools
Project Location: Ocean, NJ
Retrofit of pneumatic controls to DDC for maximum energy efficiency
Timeline: Customer since 1994

Value: $1.5m

Jersey State Controls installed the first Ocean Township HVAC Control
System in the existing Ocean Township High School in 1994. Since then, the Andover System has grown to include the Wayside School, Intermediate School, Dow Avenue Elementary School and the Wanamassa Elementary School. JSC has also been servicing the district's pneumatic control systems and light HVAC systems.

JSC and Ocean Township Board of Education have also implemented 24/7 monitoring of critical heating systems at all of the sites.

The projects encompass DDC control of unit ventilators, HV units, VAV boxes, VFD's, rooftop AC systems, boilers, pumps, valves and fan coil units. Humidity sensors also provide alarming at the Intermediate School to signal when humidity conditions rise above normal levels. Residents of Ocean Township passed this Energy Improvement referendum based on projected energy savings, rapid paybacks and utility grants.


Cedar Creek High School


Project Type: Public Schools
Project Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Application: Out of the ground new construction
Timeline: 24 months (June 2010)
Value: $350,000

This new High School was built on 60 acres of land which allowed the construction of a well field for a ground source heat pump system to satisfy the heating and cooling requirements of the building. The new Geothermal HVAC System is monitored and controlled by an Andover Controls building management system installed by Jersey State Controls.

The system facilitates control of temperatures in each classroom and allows each room to operate on an independent schedule. The system also monitors heat recovery. Several rooftop heat recovery units transfer heat being exhausted from the spaces to the air entering the facility. Heat recovery is an extremely effective way to contain energy costs and the implementation of the geothermal system serves to minimize the facility's BTU usage per square foot.


Harrison High School


Project Type: Public Schools
Project Location: Harrison, NJ
Application:Integration of Andover HVAC Control System to existing system
Timeline: March 2014
Value: $475,000

Contracted by Binsky & Snyder, Jersey State Controls installed an integrated Andover HVAC Control System. This new $53 million facility with its state of the art remote utility plant, natatorium, multiple gyms and advanced instructional areas requires a flexible control platform that is capable of communicating with numerous third party manufacturers.

The resulting Andover HVAC control system monitors and directly controls the chilled and hot water plant. A communication Modbus Driver facilitates the integration with the boilers and variable speed drives. In the Main Building, the Andover System controls the air handlers, pool pak dehumidification unit, VAV boxes, constant volume boxes, reheat coils and perimeter baseboard radiation. The McQuay unit ventilators serving various areas are equipped with integral OEM Microtech II DDC Controllers. The Andover open protocol BACnet System allows direct communication with these and other Manufacturer supplied DDC Controllers.



Tuckerton Elementary School


Project Type: Public Schools
Project Location: Tuckerton, NJ
Application: Extension of Andover Controls System in large School District
Timeline: June/July 2010
Value: $135,000

JSC provided an extension to the existing Andover HVAC control system to
tie in the remainder of the school and reel in skyrocketing energy costs. Existing pneumatic controls were replaced with electronic and the heating/cooling unit ventilators that operated on factory controls were retrofitted with new Andover unitary controllers. Once under full BMS control– the energy costs for the facilities dropped.

An analysis of the energy costs by both JSC and the superintendent of schools, Dr. Robert Gray, revealed a 34.2 % overall reduction in electrical costs. Dr. Gray also had this to say: "Thank you Jersey State Controls for planning and constructing our new system of climate controls which allows us to have a more efficient system of heating and cooling our school building."



Willingboro Board of Education


Project Type: Public School
Project Location:
Willingboro, NJ
Application: Existing retrofit from pneumatic controls to
Direct Digital Controls (DDC)
Completion: June 2014 (MS) / Sept 2013 (HS)
Value: $1.2m

Committed to providing environmental conditions that are safe and
conducive to a productive learning environment, Willingboro BOE decided it
was time for some necessary upgrades to their Middle School’s and High School’s Mechanical and Building Automation Systems. Jersey State Controls was successful in securing the project and tasked with providing a B.A.S that not only would provide the typical functionality of control, but also be an instrumental tool that would provide continuous commissioning of the newly installed and existing mechanical systems to optimize the systems’ performance reducing wasted utility costs while maintaining ideal environmental conditions as well as predicting potential system failures and troubles.

The installation and commissioning of the Systems for both schools spanned a period of 27 consecutive months with some overlap of the two schools.  The antiquated pneumatic controls were demolished and replaced with a new DDC system.  Jersey State Controls as an Authorized partner of Schneider Electric utilized the latest and most advanced software, hardware and service offerings of Schneider Electric to meet the needs of W.B.O.E.  The total solution was comprised of Andover controls as the BACnet hardware, StruxtureWare as the web based Graphics Engine and front end, and Building Analytics as the cloud based Monitoring Based Commissioning Analytical tool for reporting, continuous system commissioning and systems optimization.

Building Analytics allows for both the control company and the customer to stay informed regarding environmental reports, energy expenses, and maintenance requirements. The program will pinpoint problematic situations and parts that may be malfunctioning through complexity of analytical algorithms that are continuously monitoring the systems’ performance.  Utilizing the technical expertise of JSC and their 24/7 monitoring of the system in conjunction with this state of the art control system, W.B.O.E. has succeeded in surpassing their goals of providing the best environmental conditions for their students while controlling energy and maintenance costs.

Systems Impacted

Willingboro Middle School: JSC installed DDC controls on and is monitoring:  2 large air handling units, 22 rooftop units (BACnet 3rd party interface), 7 heating and ventilating units, 74 unit ventilators, and 46 exhaust fans.

Willingboro High School: JSC installed DDC controls on and is monitoring: 20air handling units, 8 rooftop units (BACnet 3rd party interface, 9 heating and ventilating units, and 55 unit ventilators, and 59 exhaust fans.

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