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PROJECTS: Goverment Facilities


Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst


Project Type: Government Facility
Project Location: Lakehurst, NJ
Application: Integration of BACnet based HVAC Controls for energy efficiency
Timeline: 24 months
Value: $3.5m

As part of a larger $40+m performance based energy savings contract  at McGuire Air Force Base, JSC was contracted to install new BACnet based HVAC Controls in 105 existing buildings. The systems are designed
to reduce energy costs through scheduling and optimized start up of HVAC Systems.  In addition, the controls can alarm failed equipment and log run times. The system is also integrated to energy meters for every building so usage can be logged and recorded.  This system controls the base's new chillers and was instrumental in control of the decentralized heating plant.



Brick Municipal Complex


Project Type: Government Facility
Project Location: Brick, NJ
Application: Retrofit of existing system for maximum energy efficiency Completion: November 2010
Value: $375,000


JSC was elated when they learned of their success at their very own Township Municipal Building. This job would not be without a few major challenges: an aggressive schedule combined with the ultimate challenge to minimally disrupt the day to day activities of the Township. The project included minimizing AHU, chiller and boiler downtime, new drives for fans and pumps, new direct digital controls. Additionally, JSC had to replace the 36 year old Barber Colman system and install new tight sealing dampers on the AHU's make up this $375,000 project.

Jersey City Public Works


Project Type: Government Facility
Project Location: Jersey City, NJ
Application: Out of the ground new construction
Timeline: 18 months (August 2014)
Value: $675,000


This may be the site of New Jersey's first LEED Platinum Public Works Complex and JSC is happy to be a part of it. The project comprises of four buildings and will house all the public works equipment and vehicles. This equipment and these vehicles are what keep Jersey City clean and snow free in winter. Though not complex the project is large and presented a number of challenges to JSC: difficult installation logistics, integration to third party equipment including CO systems, Liebert Data Center Equipment, AC Systems, etc



Branchburg Municipal Building


Project Type: Government Facility
Project Location: Branchburg, NJ
Application: Retrofit existing system to BMS for maximum energy efficiency
Completion: July 2010
Value: $125,000


JSC was called on to not only reduce the runaway energy costs but to"
 stabilize and improvecomfort levels. After successfully winning the bid to
 install a building management system (BMS), JSCremoved the conventional controls and installed a state-of-the art control system that offered flexibilityand reliability. Schedules are preprogrammed for the courtroom so the HVAC systems only operatewhen needed and electronic reheat coils are staged to avoid spiking demand charges. This facilityreduced their electric energy costs by 35% compared to the prior cooling season. Here is what John Gregory, Director of Purchasing, had to say: "JSC 's performance was excellentand we achieved exactly what we set out to do – reduce energy costs and make our facility morecomfortable and efficient."



Newark 5th Police Precinct


Project Type: Government Facility
Project Location: Newark, NJ
Application: Out of the ground new construction
Timeline: 14 months (2010)
Value: $950,000


This facility was not only designed to replace the existing 5th Precinct facility,
but was also intended to provide the space for the area's Homeland Security Offices. The building was built expecting to attain LEED silver points. JSC provided a state of the art, open protocol Schneider Electric/BACnet HVAC control system which provided control over the HVAC equipment. This included chillers, air handlers, VAV boxes, floor radiant heating systems and other standard equipment. The system also integrates to the Liebert Computer Room / Data Center cooling systems and provides real time recording of the efficiency and functionality of the cooling systems serving the 'mission critical' equipment. The DDC system also monitors building power through a MODbus interface at the electrical switch gear and natural gas consumption. By doing so, they can track and trend the energy consumption of the building to meet the measurement and verification requirement for LEED points. JSC has been retained via a comprehensive HVAC Service and Controls maintenance contract to insure the building operates as originally intended and to insure the efficiency of the systems are maintained.

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  • Renewable energy technology is today’s buzz word. PVE solar, cogeneration and combined heat and power are worthy endeavors and investments….. BUT

  • First “Go Lean” - then “Go Green”...It’s easier to save energy than to produce it.

  • An HVAC Control and lighting management system designed by JSC is key to creating a Lean building

JSC can help with:

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  • System Budgeting
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